How I see it going

What is it?
Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury, the rematch. The first fight ended in a controversial split-decision draw.
When is it?
The fight will take place on February 22 2020.
Where is it?
MGM Grand, Las Vegas.
What TV channel will it be on?
BT Sport Box Office.

The low down
For starters both men know what the last fight took out of them and secondly one of them at least will be a lot more prepared this time around.
Tyson Fury has had two more fights since that fight, he’s fitter, stronger and more confident. The first fight he had been out of the ring for more or less 3 years. This time he will be physically better. He’s also took Wilders best shot and got up from it, unbelievable.
However, just because he got up the first time doesn’t mean that if he gets hit hard again this will happen again. He will also be wary of Wilders punch and so will he be more cautious?
Throw in that Fury has had a very severe cut only 6 months ago, this will come into play.
Also Wilder is the home fighter and judges can be at times biased to the home favourite.

The outcome prediction
Fury does not want to hang around and get caught by Wilders punch, he could also get cut early on on that eye of his.
These 3 things both suggest to me that Fury will look to or even have to win by knockout by round 7. So Fury wins by knock out. Round 5.
These are just my views :)
Paul Carroll

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