The Ultimate Full-Body Workout:

Ranking the Top 10 Activities for Achieving Overall Fitness When it comes to total body fitness – maximizing cardiovascular health, […]

Lunchtime Boxing Sessions

Lunch time training: Benefits discussed Is the afternoon slump leaving you sluggish and struggling to concentrate? A lunchtime personal boxing […]

Running and Nutrition

Running Nutrition Boxing is not just about hitting the pads or punch bag or sparring.  You need to train in […]

Alcohol and Fitness

The Impact of Alcohol on Exercise and Fitness For many athletes and fitness enthusiasts, having a few drinks after an […]

Harnessing the Benefits of Outdoor Training

BENEFITS OF OUTDOOR TRAINING (Original article edited and added to from Mens Health) You Only Need 5 Minutes Park your […]

Stay Calm and Keep Exercising

Stay Fit while WFH / isolating Hi guys, here at I decided to write a blog helping you to […]

Energy Drinks: The Truth

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Online personal training is here!

Your comprehensive training program and meal planner will be written bespoke and tailored to your individual circumstances using the knowledge […]